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Hazwoper 8-Hour Operation

Hazwoper 8-Hour Operation

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A Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response course, commonly known as HAZWOPER, can arm your employees with the knowledge to properly handle a spill. You can learn all the necessary skills at our Levels of hazwoper training!

This OSHA Hazwoper 8-Hour Operation course is designed to train employees to respond to a release or potential releases of hazardous substances. The duties of these employees will be to protect nearby personnel, property, and/or environment from the effects of the release. It is conducted in accordance with OSHA 29CFR 1910.120. More of the hazwoper training levels can be found under our industry page!

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  • Timetable:1 day(s)
  • Certification:Hazwoper 8-Hour Operation - OSHA 29CFR 1910.120
  • Validation:1 year
  • Requirements:None

More information about the OSHA Hazwoper 8-Hour Operation

There are many levels of HAZWOPER training available. But at FMTC we made sure that The HAZWOPER Operations course is designed for first responders at the operations level. Similar to the Hazwoper awareness course level, they are personnel likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release and then initiate an emergency response by notifying the proper authorities of the release but, in addition, have the ability to contain or control a leak.

Content of this Level Hazwoper Training

  • Knowledge of basic hazard and risk assessment
  • Knowledge of correct PPE
  • Knowledge of correct basic hazardous material terms
  • Knowledge of basic control, containment and/or confinement
  • Knowledge of implementing basic decontamination procedures
  • Understanding relevant standard operating procedures and termination procedures

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