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STCW Combination

Maritime courses
At FMTC you can attend all the maritime safety courses (STCW) for the Maritime sector. FMTC is the newest safety training centre for Maritime training (STCW), Offshore training (OPITO & NOGEPA), Wind training (GWO) and Industry training. We have locations all around the world, offering high quality trainings. The training centers FMTC Schiphol Amsterdam and FMTC Dordrecht, area of Rotterdam, are officially recognized by STCW/ILENT. In case you want to attend a certified STCW training, it is possible at any time that suits you.
The shipping business is a business which operates day and night, 7 days a week. This means that there is a high level of work pressure present. The level of risk that comes along in this business is also higher compared to a regular office job. In order to safeguard the safety it is of great importance that you are in possession of STCW certificates. In case you want to attend a training at FMTC, you will know for sure that you have obtained the correct and most recent certificate.
Specialist maritime courses
Every instructor at FMTC is a certified professional, with years of experience. They understand the maritime industry inside-out and can share their knowledge of the procedures and the techniques in a very interesting way. This means that you will remember the things you have been taught better.

Besides our maritime courses, you might also be interested in our GWO courses, offshore courses and the Dutch Industry courses.

STCW Combination

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