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Incident Investigation
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Incident Investigation

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Embark on a comprehensive journey through our Incident Investigation course, designed to provide participants with valuable insights into incident definitions, investigation processes, and root cause analysis.


  • Timetable:4 hour(s)
  • Certification:Incident Investigation and Reporting Verification
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Course Overview

Our dynamic course utilizes engaging methods, including presentations, lectures, and practical exercises. Delve into key definitions such as incidents, near misses, and root causes. Explore incident components and familiarize yourself with OSHA 1960.29 requirements.


Addressing the critical question of “Which Incidents Should Be Investigated?” sets the stage for understanding incident components. Uncover the requirements outlined in OSHA 1960.29 and discover the significance of investigating incidents, touching upon the profound impact on preventing injuries and illnesses, saving lives, and fostering a commitment to health and safety.

Aims of the Investigation

Navigate through the aims of an investigation: understanding what happened, identifying the root cause, and developing strategies to prevent recurrence. Explore the multifaceted benefits, from promoting positive workplace morale to enhancing overall management.

The Investigation Process

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the investigation process. Identify key players, gather essential information, and explore techniques such as evidence collection, interviewing, and fact gathering. Grasp the importance of determining the root cause and documenting findings, leading to the implementation of effective corrective actions.

Group Table Top Exercises/Incident Investigation Exercise

Participate in practical, hands-on exercises designed to reinforce your understanding of incident investigation. Collaborate in group table-top exercises, applying the knowledge acquired during the course.

Final Analysis

Conclude the training with a final analysis, synthesizing the insights gained and emphasizing the significance of incident investigation in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Training Center Provided Material

All course materials are provided to ensure a seamless and enriching learning experience.

Enroll now in FMTC M&A’s Incident Investigation Training and enhance your skills in ensuring workplace safety and well-being. Your journey to incident analysis and prevention starts here!

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