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Maritime safety courses

Do you want to follow a maritime training? Take a look at all the FMTC Safety / M&A Safety Services maritime courses! We are fully certified and are super flexible, so you can follow your chosen course when it suits you. We can adapt to your schedule. Our courses are given by specialists, take place no matter what and can be moved or canceled up to 24 hours in advance, free of charge. Book your maritime course now!

STCW Basic Courses

Book your desired STCW Basic Course easily online at FMTC Safety.

STCW Basic Refresher Courses

Book your STCW Basic Refresher course easily online.

CBR Deckhand

CBR Inland Shipping encompasses training and exams for safe and responsible navigation on inland waters, covering navigation techniques and regulations.

STCW Combination Refresher Courses

Book your STCW Combination Refresher Course easily online.

STCW Combination Courses

Save time and money and book an STCW Basic Combination Course.

What is FMTC Safety/ M&A Safety Services?

FMTC Safety / M&A Safety Services is the newest and most advanced safety training center at the moment. FMTC M&A has a maritime training center next to Schiphol Amsterdam and in Dordrecht, the Rotterdam region. FMTC Safety Schiphol and Dordrecht training centers have been recognized by STCW/ ILENT, among others. If you want to follow a recognized STCW course, such as a maritime course, you can do this whenever it suits you. FMTC Safety is super flexible! Your training will always be given, even if you are the only participant.

Maritime course at FMTC Safety / M&A Safety Services

The shipping business is a business which operates day and night, 7 days a week. As a result, the level of work pressure is high and this entails risks that are higher than when you work on the mainland. In order to guarantee safety, it is of great importance that you are in possession of STCW certificates. To be able to work in the maritime sector, you must at least have the STCW Basic Safety Training in your possession so you can indicate that you know how to work safely. After you’ve followed your STCW Basic Safety Training, you can also follow other maritime training courses.

If you opt for a maritime training at FMTC M&A, you will know for sure that you have obtained the correct and most recent certificate. This way you know your certificate is correct when you get checked. Checking the STCW guidelines is done by the individual governments, in the Netherlands this is done by the ministry of Infrastructuur, Living environment and Transportation. With the certificate of your maritime training, you can indicate in not only the Netherlands, but worldwide that you’re allowed to work in the maritime sector.

The maritime courses at FMTC Safety / M&A Safety Services

Our STCW training courses are certified worldwide. We offer both the courses for people who take the STCW course for the first time as for people who take a refresher course. We offer a wide range of courses, such as the Basic Safety Training STCW and the STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher, but also courses like the STCW Advanced Fire Fighting. Apart from the basic courses, at FMTC M&A you’re also in good hands for all specialized maritime courses. View our list of maritime courses and book your maritime safety courses easily at the top of this page!

If you want to save time and money, you can opt for our STCW combination courses. By removing the overlap of training courses, the course can be shortened. As a result, the price is also lower.

Specialist maritime courses

Every instructor at FMTC M&A is a certified professional, with years of experience. They understand the maritime industry inside-out and can share their knowledge of the procedures and the techniques in a very interesting way. This means that you will remember the things you have been taught better.

In addition to our maritime courses, our offshore courses, GWO courses and industry courses might also be of interest to you.

Do you have questions about maritime courses?

If it is a frequently asked question, you might find your answer in our Course joining instructions page or at our FAQ. Did you not find your answer? Then please contact us, we are happy to help you.

FMTC M&A Safety service

We are still expanding our range of (maritime) courses. In the future we might also offer maritime courses online. Do you want to stay informed? Then subscribe to our newsletter.

FMTC M&A understands all too well that you have a busy schedule. That is why we are flexible and we put training when it suits you first. Have you booked a maritime course with us? Then you can rely on that training being given. Can you for some reason not attend your maritime course? Then you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance or move your maritime training to another date.

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