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Incident Reporting Investigation E-learning
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Incident Reporting Investigation E-learning

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FMTC Safety’s online course, “Incident Reporting and Investigation” is designed to ensure that the necessary measures have been taken to protect the health and well-being of individuals following an incident.

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Course Outline:


  • Incident: Learn what is meant by an “incident” and how it differs from other terms such as “near miss.”
  • Near Miss: Understand what a “near miss” is and why it is just as important as an incident.
  • Incident Investigation: Grasp the essence of incident investigation and why it is a critical step for improvement.
  • Root Cause: Learn about the concept of a “root cause” and why it is vital for preventing recurrence.


  • Which Incidents Should Be Investigated?: Understand which incidents should undergo a thorough investigation.
  • Components of an Incident: Learn about the key elements of an incident and why they need analysis.
  • OSHA 1960.29 Requirements: Explore OSHA’s specific requirements concerning incident reporting and investigation.

Why Investigate?

  • Prevent Injuries and Illnesses: Comprehend why incident investigation is crucial for preventing injuries and illnesses.
  • Save Lives: Discover how incident investigation can save lives by preventing recurrence.
  • Save Money: Find out how effective incident investigation can yield financial benefits.
  • Demonstrate Commitment to Health and Safety: Learn how incident investigation demonstrates your commitment to health and safety.
  • Promote Positive Workplace Morale: Explore how incident investigation can enhance overall morale in the workplace.
  • Improve Management: Learn how incident investigation contributes to more effective management.

Goals of the Investigation

  • What Happened?: Discover how to understand the core of the incident.
  • What Was the Root Cause?: Learn how to identify the underlying causes of the incident.
  • How Do We Prevent Recurrence?: Find out how to take actions to prevent the recurrence of incidents.

The Investigation Process

  • Who is Involved?: Learn who should be involved in the investigation process.
  • What Information is Collected?: Explore the crucial information required for a thorough investigation.
  • Gathering Evidence: Learn how to collect evidence for effective investigation.
  • Interviewing: Understand how to conduct effective interviews as part of the investigation process.
  • Fact Gathering: Learn how to collect and analyze facts to understand the root cause.
  • Determining the Root Cause/Handout: Discover how to establish the ultimate root cause of an incident.
  • Documenting the Findings: Learn how to document the investigation’s findings.
  • Implementing Corrective Actions: Find out how to implement the necessary corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

This course equips you with the knowledge and practical skills to ensure safety and prevent incidents. Enroll in the “Incident Reporting and Investigation” course today and invest in your organization’s safety.

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