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Walking Working Surfaces & Ladders E-learning
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Walking Working Surfaces & Ladders E-learning

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FMTC Safety’s online course, “Walking Working Surfaces & Ladders” is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to conduct a hazard assessment of walking and working surfaces. Topics covered include floors, wall openings, stairways, platforms, ladders, and scaffolds, as well as all elevated work.

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Course Outline:

  • Key terminology and concepts: Before delving deeper into walking and working surfaces, it’s essential to understand the relevant terminology and concepts to establish a solid foundation for safe work.
  • The consequences of poor housekeeping: We discuss the severe consequences of a cluttered workplace and why effective cleaning and maintenance are crucial for safety.
  • The difference between standard guardrails and handrails: Learn to distinguish between standard guardrails and handrails and understand how they should be used to protect employees.
  • Hazards of wall and floor holes: We address the risks of holes in walls and floors and discuss how they should be properly sealed or secured.
  • Specifications for the safe design and construction of fixed general industry stairs: Learn the requirements for fixed stairs in general industry and how they should be safely designed and constructed.
  • Minimum requirements for dock boards: Discover the minimum requirements for using dock boards and how they should be inspected and maintained.
  • Proper care and use of portable ladders: Understand the proper care and use of portable ladders to prevent accidents.
  • General scaffolding requirements: Finally, we cover the general requirements for the safe setup and use of scaffolding in the workplace.

This course equips you with the knowledge you need to work safely on various walking and working surfaces and use ladders and scaffolds. Enroll in the “Walking Working Surfaces & Ladders” course today to sharpen your safety skills. Safety is a top priority at FMTC Safety!

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