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The collaboration between BOCAS and FMTC

Who is BOCAS?

BOCAS is the Firefighting Training centre Amsterdam-Amstelland Schiphol. This is the place where firefighters are trained for the Amsterdam-Amstelland and Schiphol region. Moreover, they also educate people and companies outside this region. In 1969 BOCAS started the ‘Zuidergasfabriek’. Via various previous locations they got to the terrain of Schiphol. It’s a unique establishment, in the middle of a dynamic and unique environment. They are still there as we speak. Another advantage of this location is that on Schiphol they are able to use the most advanced means of training. This gives them the opportunity to make every training professional and very realistic.

The relationship between FMTC and BOCAS.

FMTC has been able to establish on this location partly because of BOCAS. The close cooperation between BOCAS and FMTC gives a unique concept of the training centres, where the expertise of both complements each other very well.

FMTC can use all the facilities of BOCAS. On her turn, FMTC offers support to BOCAS with respect to various offshore courses.

Besides the available facilities, the location of FMTC gives another advantage. As stated before, FMTC and BOCAS are located in the centre of the beating heart of Schiphol. The ascending and descending airplanes are something that makes the training a unique experience for a course participant. Also for foreign course participants this is an advantage, since they can be at the training location within half an hour after they’ve landed.

Next to the unique and most advanced facilities, sharing the location brings another advantage to the course participants. By sharing knowledge and expertise as well as sharing a location, both the FMTC as well BOCAS can reduce their overhead costs significantly. For this reason, they can provide you a realistic and very qualitative training or course for a sharp price.

In short, the collaboration between FMTC and BOCAS gives the course participant the opportunity to attend a training or course in one of the most advanced training centres, on a unique location on Schiphol, against a sharp price.

More information about BOCAS

For more information you can visit the BOCAS website. (Website only available in Dutch).