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NOGEPA Training Courses

Would you like to follow a NOGEPA course? FMTC Safety is NOGEPA recognized! Our instructors are certified and work in the field. They know what they are talking about and can convey procedures and techniques in a fascinating and realistic way. This way, you remember the information given during the course better. You can follow your NOGEPA course with us whenever it suits you. Book a NOGEPA course directly at FMTC Safety!

NOGEPA Basic Courses

Before you start working offshore you have to follow a NOGEPA Basic Course. Book your course easily online.

NOGEPA Basic Refresher courses

When the validity of your Basic course is expiring, you have to do a NOGEPA Basic Refresher Course. Book easily online.

What is a NOGEPA course?

If you are employed in the offshore industry, or a related sector in the North Sea area, you are probably familiar with the NOGEPA organization. This abbreviation stands for Dutch (Netherlands) Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association. The main objective of NOGEPA is efficient, safe and environmental friendly extraction of gas and oil from the Dutch (sea) soil. In addition, they stand for optimal understanding between the industry and society.

NOGEPA was established in 1974, to help out the social context. Furthermore NOGEPA closely follows the developments in regard to safety, sustainability and climate. NOGEPA represents the interests of oil and gas companies. NOGEPA therefore  wants to make an open and transparent contribution to the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply in 2050.

Why has NOGEPA been created?

In order to be allowed to give courses related to the offshore industry, a training center must be certified by NOGEPA. Since working in the offshore industry can be very risky and most work is executed at sea, a proper medical and safety training is of great importance. The emergency services are taking significantly longer to reach the site of an incident than when an incident takes place on land. NOGEPA makes sure that all training providers meet the right requirements regarding the various provided related courses. FMTC Safety is NOGEPA certified and therefore you can take the NOGEPA course with us.

For whom is NOGEPA?

A NOGEPA course is intended for people working in the offshore sector in the North Sea area. During the NOGEPA course, participants learn about basic safety on platforms, survival at sea and providing first aid.

Offshore NOGEPA courses at FMTC Safety

Before you can work offshore, you need at least the 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety course. This is the basic course that everyone must follow offshore, regardless of the job. During the NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety Training you will learn about the subjects below:

  • Safety Introduction
  • Helicopter safety / HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) incl. EBS
  • Sea Survival
  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting & Self Rescue

Various NOGEPA courses are required for rescue teams. If you are responsible for providing first aid on an offshore installation, you also have to follow the 2.2 Offshore First Aid course. If you for example are also part of the fire team, you need to follow the 2.6 Member Fire Fighting course. You can also follow other training courses. Wondering which NOGEPA training courses are mandatory for you? View the NOGEPA courses on this page or contact us for more information.

It is also possible to follow a NOGEPA training and combine this with an OPITO course at FMTC Safety.

FMTC Safety service

Would you like additional information about working safely and our courses? Well, do not hesitate to contact us! We can be reached by telephone at +1 (985) 217 9284 or by email at info@fmtcsafety.com.

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