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Work Permits E-learning
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Work Permits E-learning

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The online course “Work Permits” offered by FMTC Safety is designed to provide an overview and basic knowledge of industry permit to work requirements.

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Course Outline:

  • Permit Requirements: Before work can commence, it must be determined whether a work permit is needed and what type of permit is required.
  • Identifying the Need for a Work Permit: It is crucial to identify the necessity for a work permit before commencing work.
  • Preparing the Workplace for Authorized Work: Specific measures must be taken to prepare the workplace and make it safe for authorized work before permits are issued.
  • Approval of the Permit by a Qualified Person: A competent person must review and approve the work permit before work can commence.
  • Duration of the Permit: Understanding and adhering to the duration of the work permit is vital to ensure work safety.
  • Hazard Identification: Identifying potential hazards at the workplace is a crucial step in issuing work permits.
  • Information on the Permit: The permit contains essential information about the nature of the work, location, duration, and required safety measures.
  • Types of Permits: Various types of permits exist, each with specific applications and requirements.
  • Examples: Confined Space & Hot Work: We address specific situations where permits are often necessary, such as work in confined spaces and hot work.
  • Employee Responsibilities: Employees have specific responsibilities related to compliance with permits and ensuring their safety and that of others.

This course equips you with the knowledge required to understand and correctly apply work permits in the industry. Enroll in the “Work Permits” course today to enhance your safety skills. Safety is the top priority at FMTC Safety!

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