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OSHA compliant
Incipient Fire / Fire Watch / Hot Work

OSHA compliant
Incipient Fire / Fire Watch / Hot Work

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The OSHA Fire Watch / Incipient Fire training is designed to teach personnel to properly perform fire watch duties which include site evaluation, fire prevention, and monitoring during hot work activities.

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More information about the OSHA Incipient Fire / Fire Watch / Hot Work

Fire watch personnel are mandated by OSHA. These areas of hot work include those where workers weld and cut with torches.

The main job for fire watch personnel is to sound the alarm if there is an emergency so that firefighters can be brought in. They may attempt to control the fire but their primary role is not to fight the flames, but to simply alert professionals so that they can come in and take care of it. A fire watch position is not permitted to perform any other duties.

The delegate will be required to score a minimum competency of 75% on a written exam.
The delegate will also be required to complete a practical exercise by extinguishing a fire using a dry chemical extinguishing agent.


  • Understand the combustion process
  • Understand the stages of fire
  • Understand the classifications of fire
  • Understand the class of fire
  • Understand fire extinguisher types and operating procedures
  • Understand basic firefighting concepts
  • Understand and recognize fire safety and hazards

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