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Forklift Operator Qualifications E-learning
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Forklift Operator Qualifications E-learning

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Our “Forklift Operator Qualifications” course provides the mandatory instruction required under 29 CFR 1910.178. This course combines instruction with an evaluation of operator performance in various scenarios to illustrate proper forklift safety and handling techniques.

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Discover everything you need to know about operating a forklift with our “Forklift Operator Qualifications” course. This comprehensive training covers:

  • Steering and Maneuvering a Forklift: Learn the proper steering and maneuvering techniques to work safely and efficiently.
  • Visibility and Restricted View Awareness: Understand how to account for limited sightlines and increase your visibility.
  • Vehicle Capacity and Stability: Gain insight into your forklift’s capacity and stability to maintain safe loads.
  • Refueling: Explore the correct procedures for refueling and topping off fuel.
  • Stability and Attachments: Learn how to maintain stability, even with attachments, to work safely.
  • Man-Basket Use: Discover how to safely use a man-basket for elevated work.
  • Changing and Recharging of Batteries: Understand the procedures for changing and recharging batteries to extend operational time.
  • Operating Limitations: Know your forklift’s operational limitations and how to work safely within those bounds.
  • Traffic and Hand Signal Interpretation: Learn how to safely navigate workplace traffic and interpret hand signals.
  • Instruction on Regulatory Guidelines: Receive detailed guidance on legal regulations related to forklift operation.
  • Operating Procedures: Master the proper procedures for operating a forklift, from starting to stopping.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Learn how to keep your forklift in optimal condition through regular maintenance.
  • Forklift Manual Review: Understand key information in the forklift manual to operate safely and efficiently.
  • Pre-Operation Inspection: Learn how to inspect your forklift before each use to identify potential issues.
  • Daily Inspections: Understand the procedures for daily inspections to ensure your forklift is always operational.
  • Annual Inspections: Discover the importance of annual inspections to ensure the reliability and safety of your forklift.

Our “Forklift Operator Qualifications” course is your key to managing forklift operations safely and efficiently. Enroll today and enhance your forklift operator skills.

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