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Maritime courses

Certified safety training (STCW & ILT) for the maritime sector.

STCW courses

Worldwide certified maritime and seagoing training.

STCW Combination

STCW combination of maritime courses. Combine two or more STCW courses to save time and costs. Book today and choose the date that suits you best.

Offshore courses

Certified safety training (NOGEPA & OPITO) for the offshore sector.

OPITO Courses US

Certified trainings for worldwide offshore installations, approved by OPITO.

Nogepa Courses

Certified NOGEPA training for offshore North Sea area.

GWO Courses

GWO Certified (Global Wind Organisation) courses for the wind industry.

GWO Basic

Other Offshore Courses

FMTC offers a wide variety of other offshore courses. Book your training now for the moment that suits you best.

Emergency response

Certified courses and training. Resuscitation, first aid and life saving procedures.

Fire training

Certified courses and training in fire prevention and safety, fire fighting and life saving first aid.


FMTC Schiphol also offers certified onshore safety training.

FMTC has several training centres at convenient places all around the world, e.g. at the practice centre of the Fire Brigade Amsterdam at Schiphol Amsterdam and Dordrecht near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.FMTC  has a its own high-tech safety training centres where various Maritime training, Offshore training, Emergency response training and the Dutch Industry courses are given.