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The organisation

Customer focus

FMTC is a unique and young company with a wide range of safety training for Maritime training (STCW), Offshore training (OPITO & NOGEPA), Wind training (GWO) and Industry training. Besides that, we provide in training for various maritime emergency services. Our starting point is to enhance the safety in your workplace in a smart and sustainable way with respect for people, the planet and the environment. Our unique selling point is our client based approach and training centers at the most convenient places around the world. You decide when you want to train and where the training will take place. FMTC has trainingscentres all around the globe offering high quality trainings. You can either use our service at one of our trainingscentres or invite our experienced instructors to provide training at your company. The decision is yours.

In 2019 we have opened new training centers at unique and convenient places in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Emmeloord (Netherlands) and Houma, Louisiana (USA). More new locations will follow soon.


Unique locations

Picking a location at Schiphol Amsterdam  in the Netherlands as our first location of our training center was a logical step, because what is more convenient than this central location with the dynamics of Amsterdam within reach. The location of the training centre makes it possible to arrive at our training centre only 10 minutes after you landed. Or nearby the harbor of Rotterdam at our second training center in the Dordrecht, The Netherlands. This will lead to considerable time saving. In addition, we offer you a flexible training program. If desired, we also provide an evening program. Thanks to our contact with various hotels near our training centers, we can offer a package deal, containing both the training program and your stay during the training days. In addition we offer medical examinations for offshore and maritime. Nowadays You can find us at the most convenient places around the world, offering high quality trainings.

A unique experience

Our main priority at FMTC is to enhance the safety within your company and thereby reducing the risk of calamities. Our knowledgeable and passionate instructors are in possession of all necessary diplomas and certificates, added with the necessary practical experience. Thanks to this mix of both the theoretical and practical requirements, our experienced instructors are able to keep everybody’s attention throughout the lectures and techniques in an exciting way. This way it will be easier to remember everything you learned. What makes this training program unique, is the element of fun which is added to the course. Combined with the usefulness of the course, FMTC provides a unique experience to remember a lifetime. Our brand new locations around the world have all the facilities to meet the international requirements for the certification of the participants. In addition, our training centers meet the strictest environmental and safety requirements. We only work with products that do not harm the environment and which are used in the workfield.

More information about FMTC Safety’s training centers?

Would you like to have more information about our training locations, Maritime courses, Offshore courses, Wind courses and Industry courses. Do not doubt and contact us. We are available by phone +3120 – 811 43 34, via info@fmtc.nl or live chat. We are daily reachable between 7:00 – 18:00 (GMT +2).