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At what time do I have to be present on the first day of the course?

You are expected to be at the training location of FMTC at 7.30 a.m.

My certificate almost expires, do I have to take the resfresher course before or after the expiration date?

You have to refresh the course before your certificate is expired. This means that you have to train before the expiration date. NOPEGA and OPITO have a so called 3 months window. This means that you can come and train at FMTC 3 months before your expiration date, while preserving your current expiration date. For example: Your NOGEPA 0.5A certificate expires on 6 July 2020, then you can already take the NOGEPA 0.5B from 6 April 2020. When you for example take the course on the 20th of April 2020 your new expiration date becomes 6 July 2024.

Is it true that courses are never cancelled?

Our aim is to never cancel a course. To this day we made that happen! Only when a certain training requires a minimum amount of participants, it can occur that when this minimum amount isn’t met, that the training can’t continue. In case a minimum number of participants are required, this will be indicated at the course information. When the course is cancelled we will either look for a new date or we will refund your money. All the other courses will never be cancelled!

Which courses are available?

We offer courses in the following sectors: Offshore, Wind, Maritime and Industry. Click on the sector to see which courses each sector offers. Do you miss a course? Please contact us through our contact form or call +31(0)85 - 130 74 61 so we can see how we can help you.

At what times will the courses be instructed?

The delegate is expected to be at the training centre at 07:30 a.m. Delegates who arrive late will have to make up for the lost time. This will be charged after notifying the customer. The courses will last until 4.00 p.m.

What do I have to bring to the course?

You always have to bring a valid identity document. When you have a Personal Safety Logbook or shipping logbooks you can also bring these to the course to have it updated. If a medical certificate is required for a course you have to bring this as well. The required safety materials, towels and lunch will be taken care of by FMTC. Furthermore you can bring a set of extra clothes for the practical parts of the courses. When booking the course, the materials you need to bring to the course will also be described in the confirmation mail.

What is a Personal Safety Logbook (PSL)?

A Personal Safety Logbook (PSL) is a safety passport where you can register the courses that you have finished and your medical examinations. It is not required to have a Personal Safety Logbook, but it is very convenient. With this logbook you can show all your certificates. Do you want to purchase a PSL passport? It is possible to buy these at our FMTC locations for €30.-  

Do I have to bring food myself or is this taken care of by FMTC?

FMTC provides a lunch for you with freshly made sandwiches, soup and salads. Furthermore there is coffee and tea available.

Can I attend fast-track courses?

We can offer you a course which is specially designed to suit your desires. For more information about this option contact us on +31(0)85 - 130 74 61 or through our contact form.

Is there a possibility to take an exam if I’m dyslectic or if I’m having trouble reading?

It’s possible to attend an exam where everything will be read out to you. However an oral exam is not an option.

In what language will the courses be instructed?

We expect the participants to understand and read the English language and also to be able to speak English. It's possible that the training group consist of some international participants and in that case the course will be held in English. In case there are no international course participants present, the course will certainly be instructed in Dutch.

I do not have a Personal Safety Logbook yet, what now?

It's not necessary to have a Personal Safety Logbook (PSL), but it's however convenient to have one. In the PSL you can register all the courses you take. You can buy a Personal Safety Logbook (PSL) at our FMTC locations. This costs €30.-  

Where do I register on the training location of FMTC?

When you arrive on the FMTC location you can register at the reception. You have to be able to show identification, which must be valid in the Netherlands. You can do so by showing us an identity document received by the government including a photo.

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