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GWO courses (6)

When do I receive access to the e-learning?

After registering for GWO Basic Safety Training E-learning, the delegate receives access to online teaching material by e-mail immediately.

What is GWO?

GWO stands for ‘Global Wind Organisation’. It is a non-profit organisation and has provided the Basic Safety Training standards for the wind industry since 2012.

What is WINDA?

WINDA is the registration system of GWO where they can keep track of alle the courses per person. When the delegate completes his GWO course, we add the course in WINDA. The delegate doesn't receive a certificate of the course, only a sticker and the registration in WINDA. First the delegate has to create an account at WINDA. Click here to create this WINDA account. After the registration, the delegate receives a WINDA ID. We need the WINDA ID to add the GWO course into the account of the delegate. Every GWO course is registered separately. When the delegate takes the GWO Basic Safety Training for example, he or she will be registered five times, because there are five seperate courses. There is also a WINDA account for the employer, so he can check all the employees in WINDA. For more information about the organization account click here. For more information about the delegate account click here.

My GWO certificate is expired, what now?

Unfortunately, you can not attend the refresher courses when your GWO certificate is expired. You have to take the basic GWO course again. Unfortunately GWO doesn't have anything like dispensation like the offshore courses.

What does GWO mean?

GWO stands for Global Wind Organization and is since 2012 the standard for the people working in the wind industry, both onshore and offshore. GWO is formed by a cooperation between several large players in the wind industry.

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