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Why a medical examination?

Without a valid medical certificate, it is not allowed to work in the offshore sector, as a sailor or in the wind sector. Depending on where you work, it may take longer for emergency services to be on site and can, if necessary, take you to earth. Therefore good health is a prerequisite, not only for yourself but also for your colleagues. If your medical certificate expires right after you are about to land again, please book a medical exam before going to work! In the event of force majeure, it may happen that you are away from home for a longer period of time and therefore not validly examined. Since April 2015, it is also required to be in possession of a shoulder measurement certificate if you are traveling by helicopter (from England). Regular tests take about half an hour. If an additional examination is required, the test may take longer.

When do I have to have a shoulder measurement?

When you fly on a helicopter from England a shoulder measurement must have been done. This shoulder measurement measures the breadth of the shoulders. When the shoulder breadth is more than 55,9 cm (22") it will be seen as extra wide (XBR). If this is the case the person with the extra wide shoulders should sit next to a window and he will get a chair which is customized to his shoulder breadth. When you have a shoulder measurement of less than 55,9 cm (non XBR) you will be placed in the helicopter in the regular way.

What are the costs of a medical examination?

The costs for a medical examination for the shipping industry are €162,50. For the offshore industry the medical examination costs €187,50. In case it’s the first medical examination of your life, an electrocardiogram has to be made. The costs for this are €62,50 and have to be to be paid at FMTC. When you want to have a separate shoulder measurement it costs €30.-

I haven’t got a medical certificate yet, is it possible to obtain one at FMTC?

We can make sure that you are examined before the course begins to obtain a medical certificate. When you book the course you can indicate this in the booking form. For more information read on on the page medical examination at FMTC.

How does FMTC deal with special needs?

Participants of a course with special needs like, language problems, physical or medical limitations or special care concerning religion or culture have to indicate so on the booking form. Note that if no additional agreements are made with the organisation, additional costs will be charged.

Do I need to have a valid medical certificate for each course?

For various courses, you need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. If this is the case, it’s indicated at the course. In case you do not have such a certificate yet, FMTC can provide you with a medical examination. You can request for this in the booking form. Click here for more information. All participants are required to sign a form on which is stated that the participant is fit enough from a medical point of view to take part in all parts of the course.