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WellSharp – Drilling Surface Supervisor (Level 4)
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WellSharp – Drilling Surface Supervisor (Level 4)

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Elevate Your Drilling Expertise with WellSharp Surface Supervisor Training (Level 4). This meticulously crafted training program delves into critical topics essential for drilling supervisors, covering surface drilling operations, risk management, well control principles, and safety protocols.


  • Timetable:4 day(s)
  • Certification:WellSharp - Drilling Surface Supervisor (Level 4)
  • Validation:2 years
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Day 1 – Risk Management and Well Control Fundamentals

Initiate your training with an in-depth exploration of risk management, well control principles, and calculations. Understand pressure fundamentals, types of pressure, and their effects on well conditions. The day also focuses on interpreting well data, wellbore equipment, and barriers crucial for maintaining control during drilling operations.

Day 2 – Drilling Fluids and Surface Equipment

Day two explores the realm of drilling fluids, completion fluids, and their properties. Gain insights into rheology, fluid flow behavior, and how different fluids impact well conditions. Dive into the components, functions, and operation of Christmas trees, blowout preventer stacks, and surface well control equipment. Learn about fluid measurement techniques and the significance of wellbore equipment in maintaining control.

Day 3 – Surface Equipment and Operations

The training intensifies by concentrating on surface equipment and operations. Grasp the intricacies of surface BOP stacks, riser systems, and the role of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Delve into pressure control equipment, barrier strategies, and emergency shutdown systems specific to surface drilling. Practical insights into surface scenarios and well control challenges enhance your ability to effectively manage surface drilling operations.

Day 4 – Emergency Procedures and Contingency Planning

The final day focuses on emergency procedures, contingency planning, and well control techniques. Learn to set and check alarm limits, shut in the well, and implement emergency measures for different scenarios. Master rigging up the drilling rig, operational limitations, and specific concerns regarding well control, such as hydrates, H2S considerations, and pressure limits during various operations.

Safety Systems and Industry Compliance

Throughout the training, emphasis is placed on safety systems, the importance of emergency shutdown devices (ESDs), and compliance with industry regulations and standards. WellSharp Level 4 prepares drilling supervisors to tackle diverse challenges and complexities associated with surface drilling operations.

Join the WellSharp – Drilling Surface Supervisor (Level 4) course to enhance your skills, increase safety awareness, and become a competent drilling supervisor capable of overseeing drilling activities with precision and expertise. Elevate your drilling career with WellSharp Level 4 certification.

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