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Rig Pass (IADC)
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Rig Pass (IADC)

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Embark on an insightful journey with Rig Pass IADC, a comprehensive training program designed to enhance your understanding of safety, environmental management, and personal protection in the rig and platform environment. You can check the rig pass course price on this page! Book your IADC Rig Pass course now.

  • Timetable:1 day(s)
  • Timetable:8 hour(s)
  • Certification:Rig Pass
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Course Overview of the Rig Pass Training

In this Rig Pass Training you will follow the following sections

Section I – Safety & Environmental Management System (SEMS II)

Explore SEMS II regulations, including Management of Change, Safe Work Practices, Emergency Response, and Audits.

Section II – Safety Principles

Navigate safety principles, covering access to medical records, behavior-based safety, drug and alcohol safety, workplace violence prevention, and Stop Work Authority.

Section III – Rig & Platform Environment

Understand arrival procedures, safety orientation, emergency response, and visual awareness. Explore worksite safety, risk assessments, and protocols for working at heights, confined spaces, and hand safety.

Section IV – Worksite Safety

Dive into general worksite requirements, risk assessments, hazards associated with working at heights, and protocols for confined spaces, hand safety, and material handling.

Section V – Personal Protection & Health

Focus on personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory protection, fall protection, first aid, and awareness of health risks and wildlife encounters.

Section VI – Environmental Protection & Fire Safety

Explore environmental protection, waste minimization, HAZWOPER response, spill/release response, and fire safety measures.

Section VII – Offshore Operations

Cover offshore transportation, helicopter safety, personnel transfer, and emergency action plans. Gain knowledge of marine operations, survival crafts, and security awareness.

Section VIII – Onshore Operations

Examine land transportation safety, excavation, trenching, and safe vehicle travel. Understand safety measures for working around pits and ponds in onshore operations.

After succeeding the course you will receive your IADC Rigpass certification from FMTC M&A. Check online for the rig pass course price and availability.

Enhance your skills with FMTC M&A’s IADC RigPass , ensuring a safer work environment and mastery of rig operations and safety protocols. Join us for a comprehensive learning experience! Book your IADC Rigpass now online!

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