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T2 / PSST (Non-API-U Refresher)
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T2 / PSST (Non-API-U Refresher)

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Elevate Your Offshore Safety Proficiency with T2 / PSST (NON-API-U Refresher), meticulously crafted to reinforce your understanding of Production Safety Systems. Aligned with the guidelines of 30 CFR Part 250, Oil and Gas and Sulphur Operations in the United States Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), Subpart O, this refresher course is tailored for individuals involved in Production Safety Operations.


  • Timetable:1 day(s)
  • Certification:Production Safety Systems Training
  • Validation:3 years
  • Requirements:A current T2 / PSST Certification
* , excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

Course Overview

Our primary objective is to ensure that you possess a thorough grasp of the intricacies of Production Safety Systems, adhering to the stringent standards set by regulatory authorities. The course delves into the essentials of 30 CFR 250, covering Emergency Shutdown Systems, Emergency Support Systems, and the broader spectrum of Production Equipment Operations.

Emphasis on Practical Competence

The T2 / PSST Refresher goes beyond theoretical knowledge; it’s a dynamic exploration integrating the latest industry practices. We prioritize the practical application of knowledge through hands-on sessions in our cutting-edge T2 Lab. Validate your competence by working with Master & PLC Control Panels, Wellhead CP – SCSSV, SSV & SDV, LSH & LSL, PSV, Burner Safety Low (BSL/TSL), Flow Safety Valve (FSV), Analyzer Safety High (ASH), YSH (Ionization Safety High), and Thermal Heat Sensor (TSH).

Our approach includes a thorough assessment to demonstrate your proficiency in the covered areas. This involves practical training and evaluation to showcase your operational skills with functional models and safety system components.

Practical Session in T2 Lab

Step into the T2 Lab for a hands-on experience that transcends theory. Explore the nuances of control panels, wellhead components, safety valves, and more. This practical session is designed to ensure that you not only understand theoretical concepts but can also effectively apply them in real-world scenarios.

Join the T2 / PSST (NON-API-U Refresher) to elevate and refresh your knowledge of offshore safety, hone your operational skills, and play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of Production Safety Systems in the challenging OCS environment.

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