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Defensive Driving – NSC (6/8 Hour) (USA)
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Defensive Driving – NSC (6/8 Hour) (USA)

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Are you in need for a NSC Defensive Driving Course Certificate? FMTC offers the National Safety Council 8-hour Defensive Driving Course, providing comprehensive instruction in safe driving practices!

Embark on a journey of responsible driving infused with professionalism and a dash of excitement during our 8 hour defensive driving course. This course is an immersive exploration of safe driving practices delivered in a comprehensive and engaging manner to make sure you get your NSC Defensive Driving Course Certificate in no time!.


  • Timetable:8 hour(s)
  • Certification:Defensive Driving - NSC - 6/8
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FMTC offers the National Safety Council 8-hour Defensive Driving Course, providing comprehensive instruction in safe driving practices. The NSC Defensive Driving Course at FMTC M&A is tailored for professionals who rely on safe driving for their work. Ideal for fleet managers, corporate vehicle operators. This course provides essential skills to navigate roads with confidence. Upon completion, you’ll earn the NSC Defensive Driving Course certificate, recognized as a mark of excellence in professional driving. Enroll now to enhance your driving expertise and prioritize safety on the road.

nsc defensive driving course certificate

Course Overview to earn the NSC Defensive Driving Course certificate:

In this 8 hour defensive driving course the following topics will be covered

  • Session 1 – It’s All About Choices: Understand the impact of choices through real-life scenarios, discussions, and a video presentation.
  • Session 2 – Ready for the Road: Explore factors like age, mobility, hearing, vision, illness, medication, and emotional/mental conditions affecting drivers.
  • Session 3 – Don’t Add Insult to Injury: Delve into the dangers of impaired, distracted, and fatigued driving, along with strategies to stay safe.
  • Session 4 – Success on the Road: Identify and address the six most unsafe driving behaviors to enhance road safety.
  • Session 5 – Collision Proofing: Review the DDC Collision Prevention Formula, explore hazard recognition, and discuss collision prevention techniques.
  • Session 6 – Driving for Life: Conclude with insights on driving responsibly, protecting your life, and the “Drive Like Your Life Depends On It” philosophy.

Practical Session: Conclude your learning experience with a hands-on session evaluating your ability to wear safety belts, scan effectively, adjust speed, use signals, maintain a safety cushion, and handle various driving situations. After the 8 hour defensive driving course completion you will receive your NSC Defensive Driving Course certificate!

Embark on the road to safer and more secure driving. Book Defensive Driving – NSC 6/8 hours now!

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