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Rigger Safety (4 Hour)
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Rigger Safety (4 Hour)

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Welcome to FMTC M&A’s Rigger Safety Training, where we delve into the crucial aspects of rigging, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills needed for safe and efficient operations. You’re more than welcome to join us in this rigging class!

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  • Timetable:4 hour(s)
  • Certification:Rigging Safety (API RP 2D 6th Edition)
  • Validation:4 years
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Course Overview of the rigging class:

  • Rigging RequirementsUncover the definition of a Qualified Rigger according to API RP 2D, understanding the responsibilities of both riggers and manufacturers. Learn to address common rigging problems and develop a comprehensive rigging plan for various scenarios.
  • Rigging EquipmentDive into the world of rigging equipment, exploring blocks, sheaves, hooks, latches, shackles, slings, rings, links, and more. Understand the critical inspection criteria and proper usage to ensure the safety and integrity of your rigging operations.
  • Rigging TechniqueMaster the art of rigging with lessons on basic hitches, sling configurations, angles, rated loads, and the importance of load stability. Grasp the intricacies of moving loads, load control with taglines, and considerations for environmental and electrical factors.
  • Rigging SafetyPrioritize safety with lift planning, personal protective equipment, and effective communication through hand signals. Engage in practical sessions using hydraulic cranes, various slings, loads, and rigging techniques. Ensure you can select appropriate PPE, inspect hardware, communicate effectively, and work safely in a team.

Join us for a dynamic Rigger Safety Training in our rigging class experience that equips you with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of rigging operations safely and efficiently. Elevate your skills in one of our rigging class and enhance your workplace safety standards with FMTC M&A!

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