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Man-Rider Hoist Operator
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Man-Rider Hoist Operator

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Embark on a comprehensive journey through our Man-Rider Hoist Operator course, meticulously crafted to provide participants with essential knowledge about man-riding winches, their operation, rigging techniques, and hands-on practical sessions.


  • Timetable:4 hour(s)
  • Certification:Manriding Hoist Operator (OSHA / ASME B30)
* , excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

Course Overview

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of man-riding winches through engaging methods such as presentations, demonstrations, and practical exercises. Explore definitions, roles and responsibilities, attachment and rigging, and operational requirements for man-riding winch operations.


Our course begins with an exploration of why training in man-riding winch operations is crucial. Understand key terms, including the definitions of operators, qualified persons, and riggers. Navigate through the roles and responsibilities of various personnel, from facility managers to winch operators and signal persons.

Hoisting Personnel

Delve into the processes of attachment and rigging, covering essential topics such as rigging hardware, pre-lift meetings, and the use of a Boatswain’s/Bosun Chair. Learn about lifting personnel, the purpose of the chair, fall arrest, work positioning, and associated limitations.

Man-Riding Operational Requirements

Grasp the requirements for qualified persons, alternative methods, job safety analysis, and pre-job safety meetings. Understand the significance of harnesses, connecting devices, winches, lifting systems, and the importance of secondary independent connection fall protection.

Man-Riding Winch Safety

Explore safety aspects of man-riding winch operations, including safety devices, personal protective equipment, barricading work areas, installation requirements, and inspection protocols. Learn about air winches, power supplies, calculating air flow, snatch blocks, and wire rope maintenance.

Man-Riding Winch Operation

Understand the operational aspects, including winch capacity, speed, brake functions, load control/tag lines, and hand signals. Comprehend the requirements for signal persons, review hand signals, and participate in practical sessions using air winches, Boatswain’s/Bosun Chair, loads, and rigging techniques.

Practical Session

Engage in hands-on practical sessions to reinforce your understanding of man-riding winch operations. Verify your ability to select and wear appropriate PPE, inspect man-riding harnesses, identify damaged hardware, communicate effectively with operators, select rigging techniques, and work safely as a team.

Join FMTC M&A’s “Man-Rider Hoist Operator” Training and enhance your skills to ensure safety and proficiency in man-riding winch operations. Enroll now and let the journey to mastery begin!

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