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WellSharp – Drilling Workover/Completions Surface & Subsea Supervisor (Level 4)
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WellSharp – Drilling Workover/Completions Surface & Subsea Supervisor (Level 4)

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Elevate Your Expertise with WellSharp Drilling Workover/Completions Surface & Subsea Supervisor Training (Level 4). This meticulously designed training delves deep into crucial subjects for drilling supervisors, focusing on surface and subsea workover/completions, risk management, well control principles, and safety protocols.


  • Timetable:5 day(s)
  • Certification:WellSharp - Drilling Workover/Completions Surface & Subsea Supervisor (Level 4)
  • Validation:2 years
* , excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

Day 1 – Risk Management and Operational Basics

The first day initiates your training with an in-depth exploration of risk management, incident command systems (ICS), emergency procedures, and safety margins. Gain insights into horizontal drilling complexities, casing design, hydraulics, and Maximum Allowable Surface Pressure (MASP). Delve into operational math, simulator orientation, and the geological aspects of drilling. Understand the challenges of horizontal fracking and abnormal pressures.

Day 2 – Well Control Procedures and Equipment Handling

Day two commences with a review of homework and concept correction, followed by discussions on pump start-up, kick detection, and drill procedures. Explore kill sheet development, drilling methods, and wellbore pressures. Understand the importance of BOP equipment barriers, pressure envelopes, and rig system accumulators. Engage in simulations that cover different shut-in scenarios, complications with equipment, and handling gas in horizontal wells.

Day 3 – Advanced Drilling Scenarios and Regulations

The third day involves reviewing homework and correcting concepts, practicing well organization procedures, and simulating shut-in methods. Dive into volumetric stripping exercises, discussions on industry regulations, and the recognition of shallow gas. Explore company policies on horizontal drills, tripping, and choke management. Simulate complications in well containment, gas in horizontal wells, and flow check operations.

Day 4 – Workover and Completion Operations

Focus on dead/live well operations, completion activities, and fluid swap negative testing. Understand production equipment, Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD), and the nuances of workover operations. Explore the differences between workover and completion operations, methods employed, and online exercises related to downhole equipment and tubular degradation. Simulate scenarios involving complications with multi-well operations and single-barrier concepts.

Day 5 – Assessment and Skills Review

The final day begins with a review of homework and a test exercise. Engage in skills assessments, retesting if necessary, and a comprehensive review of results. This day concludes the training with a thorough understanding of the topics covered and the opportunity for participants to retest to solidify their knowledge.

Enhance Your Career with WellSharp Drilling Workover/Completions Surface & Subsea Supervisor Training (Level 4)

Join the WellSharp – Drilling Workover/Completions Surface & Subsea Supervisor (Level 4) course to elevate your skills, increase safety awareness, and become a competent drilling supervisor capable of overseeing workover/completions operations with precision and expertise. Elevate your career with WellSharp Level 4 certification.

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