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HUET with EBS (5095) + CA-EBS (5902)

HUET with EBS (5095) + CA-EBS (5902)

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The HUET + CA-EBS (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) is meant for those who have to travel by helicopter towards and from offshore installations. After successful completion of the training an OPITO approved HUET certificate will be issued. The HUET is a standard part of the OPITO approved BOSIET and FOET.

  • Timetable:1 day(s)
  • Validation:OPITO HUET: 4 years
    OPITO CA-EBS: no expiry
* excl. (€ / $ 42,00), excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

More information about OPITO HUET with EBS (5095) + CA-EBS (5902)

During the theory section of the OPITO HUET + CA-EBS the delegate is informed about the security aspects on board of a helicopter, as well as the potential hazards and emergencies that can occur during transport by helicopter. Subsequently, various emergency situations will be rehearsed in the training pool of FMTC – by means of the trainings helicopter.

For travelling by helicopter to and from offshore installations in the UK and the Netherlands you will also need a CA-EBS certificate. It is to be expected that the Danish sector will follow soon.

Course Content:

  • Helicopter Safety
  • HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
  • EBS module
  • CA-EBS module

Use the “Book” button below to go to our booking form to book the course. In case of questions, you can call us on +1 (985) 217 9284 or contact us via our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OPITO HUET with CA-EBS?

OPITO stands for Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation. HUET stands for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. EBS stands for Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System, which is practiced with in this training.

What does the OPITO HUET with CA-EBS consist of?

The training consists of a training on helicopter safety, as well as a module on the Emergency Breathing System. OPITO HUET is also a standard part of the OPITO BOSIET and OPITO FOET.

How is the OPITO HUET with CA-EBS taught?

The OPITO HUET with EBS consists of a theoretical and practical part. Some of the practical training will take place in the swimming pool on location to get a realistic sense of the situations you may be exposed to.

What is the purpose of the OPITO HUET with CA-EBS?

OPITO HUET will allow the delegate to understand the safety issues and possible emergencies as pertaining to helicopter transport, as well as how to escape from the inside of a helicopter, should it be underwater. It also includes training in the Emergency Breathing System. At succesful completion of the course, the delegate will receive a HUET certificate.

How long does the OPITO HUET certificate remain valid?

OPITO HUET: The certificate is only valid for 4 years. After that, the training must be repeated, so the delegate stays sharp and is made aware of new developments.

CA-EBS: The certificate is always valid.

My OPITO HUET certificate is expired. What now?

OPITO HUET: You will have to take the OPITO HUET course again.

CA-EBS: The certificate is always valid.

Is OPITO HUET mandatory to work offshore?

Yes. In order to travel to offshore installations in the UK and the Netherlands by helicopter, OPITO HUET with EBS is mandatory. CA-EBS is mandatory for all helicopter flights in the UK.

At what times does training take place?

The training starts at 7:30 (AM) and will be finished at 16:00 (4:00 PM).

Is food provided for or should I bring this myself?

Lunch is provided by FMTC. Tea and coffee are also available.

What do I need to bring to this course?

If you have a Personal Safety Logbook and/or Seaman book, you must bring them in order to have them updated. The required safety materials are provided for by the FMTC.

Note that you will be notified of all required materials in the confirmation e-mail when booking the course.

In which language is this course taught?

All our courses are taught in English.

On which date is this course available for booking?

All the green dates on the calendar on the course page are available. This is a real-time display of the available dates.

At what time should I book a flight back?

We advise you to book your flight 2 hours after the end of the course, at a minimum.

Do I need a physical examination for this course?

OPITO courses do not require an examination.

How do I book a physical examination?

When a physical examination is required, this can be noted on the same booking form. If the course has already been booked, you can send an e-mail or call us to let us know.

When will I have my physical examination if I booked this through FMTC?

After the booking, you will receive a confirmation. In the meantime, a request will be sent to the doctor. The doctor will plan the physical examination. On the following work day at the latest, you will receive the confirmation of your appointment with date, time and location.

How can I book a hotel?

When a hotel is required, this can be indicated on the same booking form. If the course has already been booked, you can send an e-mail or call us to let us know.

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