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BOSIET with EBS Digital Delivery (5703)+ CA-EBS (5902)

BOSIET with EBS Digital Delivery (5703)+ CA-EBS (5902)

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Benefits of the E-BOSIET (Digital Delivery BOSIET)

  • Save 2 days and extra hotel costs
  • E-learning can be done at your own place
  • Choose the moment and location of learning yourself
  • Smaller group practiceE-BOSIET is offered daily

The OPITO E-BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training) (Digital Delivery BOSIET) is the basic training for the worldwide offshore oil and gas industry. When you start working offshore, you must be in possession of an offshore safety training certificate. The OPITO E-BOSIET certificate is accepted worldwide in the offshore oil and gas industry. With this combination training you will also receive the OPITO CA-EBS certificate. Which is needed when you work in the North Sea.

Starting 2018, it is now possible to obtain your OPITO BOSIET certificate by means of E-learning, the OPITO E-BOSIET (Digital Delivery BOSIET). You will only train for 1 day in the training center for this. All theoretics are studied for at home by means of E-learning.

  • Timetable:1 day(s)
  • Requirements:None
* excl. (€ / $ 42,00), excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

More information about the OPITO E-BOSIET (Digital Delivery BOSITE) + CA-EBS

Na registration for OPITO E-BOSIET (Digital Delivery BOSIET) the participant receives, within 1 working day, access to the online learning materials by e-mail. You should learn all the theory at home. This will take an average of 8 hours. When all theory is achieved, all you have to do is practice exercises with us at the training centre

Before you can participate in practical exercises, you will first receive a Safety Induction Assessment. An assessment of the theory, once you have achieved this, you can do the practical exercises.

Procedure E-BOSIET (Digital Delivery BOSIET)

1. Choose your desired practice date via the calendar.
2. You will receive a booking confirmation of the training and the information for the practical day.
3. You will receive access to e-learning by e-mail within max. 1 working day.
4. You have the time to complete your E-learning until the chosen practical day.
5. At the start of the training center, it is checked whether the e-learning has been successfully completed.
6. At FMTC you will receive an assessment for the practical session.

  • If you do not pass the assessment, an oral assessment will take place.
  • When it appears that you do not know the theory, you can not participate in the practical session.
  • FMTC facilitates any extra lessons, but this can not always be arranged on the same day.

Pay attention! The e-learning lasts an average of 8 hours. When you book in the evening, it is not possible to follow the practice day the next day. When you have completed the e-learning, you must follow the practical day within 3 months.

During this combination training, the student will also be taught the required knowledge, as well as the use of the CA-EBS (Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System). The lifejacket with CA-EBS is mandatory in all British and Dutch helicopter flights.

Course Content:

The theory of the course can be learned at home through e-learning.


  • Theorie Safety Induction
  • Theorie Helicopter Safety en HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
  • Theorie Sea Survival en First Aid
  • Theorie Fire Fighting en Self Rescue

At FMTC (on location)

  • Safety Induction assessment
  • Praktijk HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
  • Praktijk Sea Survival en First Aid
  • Praktijk Fire Fighting en Self Rescue
  • EBS module
  • CA-EBS module

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