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NOGEPA 2.6B / 2.8B
Member / Leader combi

NOGEPA 2.6B / 2.8B
Member / Leader combi

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The NOGEPA 2.6B / 2.8B combination course is a refresher course of the 2.6A Member Fire-Fighting / 2.8A Leader Fire-Fighting training. After a period of two years, it is time to refresh the memory concerning firefighting.

During the NOGEPA 2.6B Member Fire-Fighting, the course participant will practice offshore calamities and actions that ought to be carried out by firefighting or rescue teams, in case of an emergency situation on an offshore installation. During the NOGEPA 2.8B Leader Fire-Fighting, the course participant is taught how to give command during such actions.

  • Timetable:2 day(s)
  • Certification:NOGEPA 2.6B
    NOGEPA 2.8B
  • Validation:2 years
  • Requirements:A valid offshore medical certificate
    An additional medical certificate for wearing breathing apparatus
    A valid NOGEPA 2.6A or 2.6B certificate
    A valid NOGEPA 2.8A or NOGEPA 2.8B certificate
* excl. NOGEPA Registration fee (€ / $ 20,00), excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

More information about NOGEPA 2.6B / 2.8B Member / Leader combi

The NOGEPA 2.6B / 2.8B combination takes 2 full days of your time. After completion you will be rewarded with a NOGEPA 2.6B en 2.8B certification, valid for 2 years.

Course Content:

  • Theory concerning the roll of commander in case of fire or other emergency situations
  • Making and keeping adequate lines of communications with crewmembers and the management of the installation or company.
  • The division of tasks in the firefighting and rescue crews.
  • Evaluating the performance of crewmembers.
  • Evaluating the accuracy and efficiency of the firefighting and rescue plan.
  • The knowledge of the criteria concerning maintenance of the equipment and supplies.
  • Practical exercises where the participant actually executes various firefighting and rescue operations.
  • Theory regarding the roll of the firefighting and rescue team in case of a fire or other emergency situations.
  • Responding to alarms, identification of calamities and location, determine the required equipment and supplies for the operation.
  • Using respiratory systems and breathing procedures.
  • Using means of communication
  • Entering and securing the area.
  • Safeguarding your own safety during the rescue by always securing an escape route.
  • Practical exercises by actually executing firefighting and rescue operations including helicopter incidents.

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