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NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses

Do you have multiple NOGEPA certificates that are almost expiring? We offer several NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses. When booking a NOGEPA Combination Refresher Course you can save time and money, because you avoid the overlap that these separate courses have. FMTC Safety is certified by NOGEPA to offer their courses. Our instructors are very experienced and certified. Courses at FMTC Safety always continue. Book your NOGEPA Combination Refresher Course easily online.

NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses

If you need to extend the validity of multiple NOGEPA certificates, it might be a good idea to book a NOGEPA Combination Refresher Course. Sometimes, different courses have overlap in the course content. By doing a combination refresher course, this overlap can be avoided. This way, you save time and money and the courses are given with more efficiency.

What is NOGEPA?

NOGEPA stands for Dutch (Netherlands) Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association. NOGEPA is established in 1974 to benefit the social context. They represent the interests of the oil and gas industry and want to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable energy supply. Furthermore, they follow the developments regarding safety, climate, and sustainability.

Before an organisation is allowed to offer NOGEPA courses, the organisation needs to be certified by NOGEPA. This maintains the high standards of good medical and safety training, since working offshore can be very risky and emergency services cannot reach the site of an incident as fast as on land. Therefore, all training providers need to meet the requirements of NOGEPA. FMTC Safety is fully certified by NOGEPA and therefore allowed to offer NOGEPA courses.

NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses at FMTC Safety

At FMTC Safety a wide range of NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses are given. With these refresher courses, participants can extend the validity of multiple NOGEPA Basic certificates in one training. This way, they save time and money and overlap between the separate courses will be avoided.

We offer a wide range of NOGEPA courses that can be divided into NOGEPA Basic Courses, NOGEPA Basic Refresher Courses, NOGEPA Basic Combination Courses, and NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses.

FMTC Safety

You can easily book your NOGEPA Combination Refresher Course at FMTC Safety. Courses always continue when it suits you best.

Book your course online or contact us via +31 (0) 85 – 130 74 61 or info@fmtcsafety.com for advice, if you have any questions or if you want to do another combination of courses.

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