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Offshore training center FMTC October 26 at RTL 7

11 September 2014

On Friday, August 29, 2014, a camera crew from RTL 7 came by to shoot FMTC’s offshore training center for the Ondernemend Nederland program. During this day, Ondernemend Nederland had the opportunity to spend a day watching the youngest offshore training center in the Netherlands and its offshore training options.

The crew of Ondernemend Nederland was present all day to visualize what FMTC has to offer as an offshore training center in the field of training and courses for, for example, OPITO, STCW and NOGEPA.

In the morning they were first allowed to sit down for theory lessons about fire hazards on board, the correct use of independent breathing air and effectively fighting fire on board a ship. Subsequently, the theory was discussed about safely escaping from a helicopter that had fallen into the water, the correct use of a liferaft and the use of various sea survival equipment, such as the Biardo LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather.

Offshore trainingscentrum

When the theory was ready, the camera crew was able to capture some nice images of the training ship used by FMTC during various STCW and NOGEPA training sessions. Here they have recorded how effective firefighting works on board, as is also trained during, for example, the NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety or the STCW Basic Safety Training. During the broadcast on RTL 7 on Sunday 26 October at 10.00 you can see with your own eyes how an entire ship is filled with smoke.

The ship was not the only impressive training object that Ondernemend Nederland has seen in action at the offshore training center. Beautiful images were also made of the FMTC training pool. Here, a HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) was used to practice the scenario that a helicopter unexpectedly ends up in the water. As with a NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety, a helicopter was launched with its crew, after which it had to free itself.

Watch the broadcast?

The camera crew has collected quite a bit of video material about FMTC. Ondernemend Nederland is broadcasted every Sunday at 10.00 on RTL 7 and repeated every following Saturday at 13.00. The broadcast in which FMTC and the offshore training courses are discussed will be broadcast on October 26 at 10.00.

Would you rather train than watch?

Would you rather follow an offshore training at FMTC? That is of course possible. In addition to offshore & maritime courses, we also have an extensive range of fire training and first aid / emergency response training. You can contact us without obligation. Prefer telephone contact? We can be reached on +31 (0) 85 130 74 61.

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