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The new ship for realistic Safety, Firefighting and Medical First Aid training

20 February 2014

Thanks to the firm Saphire, the new asset concerning realistic training for FMTC and BOCAS is now a fact. They specifically crafted a ship for FMTC. This new vessel fits perfectly in the vision of FMTC to make training as realistic as possible, so that you can actually use this experience in practice.

The latest practice object will take a prominent place on both the training location as well as in the course supply of FMTC and BOCAS. The ship is suitable to give trainings related to overall security, firefighting and medical first aid on board.

The ship will be deployed in three courses. These are the Basic Safety Training, Advanced Fire Training and Medical Care. These are courses that are instructed provided that the STCW approved of this.

The STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping. This organisation was established to safeguard the level of the training on board and to make sure that the training that you require, is instructed in the right way with the right content.

Nieuwe schip

The knowhow of reacting appropriately in threatening or emergency situations cannot always be acquired from books. It’s predominantly very important to understand how you must act in practice. With the STCW certified training of FMTC concerning safety, firefighting and getting a wounded person off board, you are taught how to act in practice. Thus, you will know when an imminent danger occurs, how to act accordingly to it and you can make the difference.

Are you working on a ship (on a regular basis) and do you want to attend a STCW training, which is a high qualitative training in terms of reality and content? Then this training will be perfect for you! Do you want to stay updated on the latest news concerning this beautiful ship and the dates of when this ship will be available for training? Keep an eye on this website or follow our social media channels.

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