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S-cape Evacuation System now at FMTC

30 March 2015

From now on it’s possible to attend the course S-cape Evacuation System at FMTC. In cooperation with Rope Access Group BV, four of our IRATA certified instructors attended and completed the training in order for them to be able to instruct this course. During this S-cape training, we practice the functioning of the S-cape Evacuation System in a safe and controlled environment.

It requires certain knowledge to be able to safely and confidently descend using an S-cape Evacuation System during an emergency situation. During the training, which takes one session, both the theoretical as well as the practical parts of the S-cape Evacuation System are treated.


During the theoretical part, the course participant learns, amongst others, why the system is being used and how it functions. During the practical part, the course participant will practice with making the system ready for use. After which the course participant will practice the situation of descending by means of the S-cape Evacuation System in a realistic setting.

The training S-cape Evacuation System can be booked as a separate course, or in combination with a NOGEPA 0.5A or NOGEPA 0.5B.

Practice with the S-cape Evacuation System yourself?

You can immediately book a training S-cape Evacuation System via our booking form. In case you want to receive more information about this course, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you with any questions regarding the S-cape Evacuation System. You can call us on 020-811 43 42.


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