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News update recent alternation in the GWO Sea Survival standard

20 October 2022

Via this news update we want to inform you about a recent alternation in the GWO Sea Survival module standard.

As per October 1st the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) has updated their GWO Sea Survival standard. The updates in the standard cover some changes in the practical exercises for the GWO Sea Survival training but also detail new prerequisites for the delegates participating.

Please be aware that from 1st of April 2023 all delegates participating in the GWO Sea Survival (basic and refresher training) must be in the possession of a valid GWO Working at Heights certificate.

Below you will find a statement from GWO about the alternation in the prerequisites GWO Sea Survival standard.

“The most significant changes include the addition of a GWO Working at Heights certificate to the prerequisites for Sea Survival Module instructors and participants, and the adjustment of two practical sea survival exercises. Thomas Grønlund, Training Project Manager at GWO, summarised the changes.

Revisions to our modules are always made with the learning experience and future safety of participants in mind, for example changing the prerequisites for this module. The reason for this alteration is two-fold. In part, because evacuation by double descend should be an assumed ability, so the module can focus on challenges such as manually inflating life vests at sea and releasing from the SRL in the water, but also due to the major off-shore work hazard relating to descending or entering workplaces by transition piece ladder using fall arrest lanyards or other safety lines”.

Source: https://www.globalwindsafety.org/news/gwo-sea-survival-update-2

FMTC Safety will inform all customers who have booked a GWO Sea Survival course after 1st of April 2023. If you have booked this course for yourself, or for your employees, our Customer Service department will contact you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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