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25 February 2015

From this March you are able to attend to the STCW training advanced Fire Fighting at FMTC.

Fire safety is a very important subject on board of a ship. During this four day STCW Advanced Fire Fighting training you will be taught how to handle potential dangers in the event of a fire on board of a ship. You will train and improve your firefighting skills and you will be taught the ropes of organizing, training and being in command of firefighting exercises in a controlled environment.

Advanced Fire Fighting

During the Advanced Fire Fighting training you will exercise recognizing and fighting a fire. Using various fire extinguishers, you will experience the process of extinguishing a fire yourself. However, there is more to this training than just extinguishing a fire; you have to be able search for victims for example. Doing so, you will be needing a protective respiratory system and learn to recognize hazardous substances.

Sign up

This training starts every second Tuesday of the month. Whenever you want to participate to this training, you can sign up via our booking-form. You are ought to be in possession of a valid medical certificate and a valid STCW Basic Safety Training certificate.

In case you want to receive more information about the courses of STCW, or if any questions related to other courses remain unanswered, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 020 – 811 43 32.

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