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NEW: NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety + 0.5C CA-EBS Training

02 January 2015

The year 2015 has begun, this means that NOGEPA has applied some changes. The NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety changes as of the 1st of January.

Ever since the 1st of September 2014, all passengers that are not located next to an emergency exit must wear a Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) during the flight.

As of now, all the passengers in the UK, on all British helicopter flights are obliged to wear this system. For this reason, a module is now added to the course NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety.

The module
In this module the use of the Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System is extensively treated. The participant will be able to use the CA-EBS in the correct way.

After attending this module, the course participant will be familiar with:

  • Important differences between the re-breather and compressed air system (technology and use).
  • Using the CA-EBS during emergency situations inside a helicopter.
  • The risks that come along with CA-EBS.

In order to successfully finish the module, the participant must:

  • Carry out an inspection of the life-vest and the CA-EBS before departure.
  • Wear the CA-EBS in the right way and check co-passengers.
  • Use the CA-EBS in dry as well as in emergency situations.

In case you are already in possession of a NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety certificate, it’s possible to follow module separately. This training, that takes about one and a half hours, will be instructed on ‘dry land’.

Do you want to attend to the NOGEPA 0.5C CA-EBS?

In case you do, you can easily sign up via the website; NOGEPA 0.5C CA-EBS or NOGEPA 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety + NOGEPA 0.5C. Next to offshore & maritime courses, we have a broad supply of Firefighting training and First Aid/ERO courses. You can contact us without any obligation. Do you prefer to have contact by telephone? You can call 020-811 43 32.

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