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The new helicopter for OPITO and NOGEPA training

26 February 2014

FMTC keeps on developing when it comes to providing training that are as realistically as possible. For example, more and more different training objects are added to the already very impressive training location of FMTC. Earlier, a training helicopter was introduced for realistic training in the swimming pool, recently a genuine ship was constructed so that various shipping courses get even more realistic.

Even more realistic with a real helicopter

The same counts for the new helicopter. This former emergency helicopter will be used in its new home base Schiphol in various OPITO and NOGEPA certified training. The helicopter is very suitable for simulating an emergency landing on land. Moreover, this helicopter is particularly suitable for HLO educations (Helicopter Landing Officer).

FMTC provides training for her course participants which imitate the reality as good as possible. By making the training as realistic as possible, you don’t just know how to act in theory in case of an emergency situation. By putting the emphasis on practice, in combination with theory, the material discussed in the courses will be remembered better.

Helicopter OPITO en NOGEPA


Say, due to work you have to attend a training Basic Offshore Safety Introduction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) of OPTITO or a 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety Introduction & Emergency Response Training of NOGEPA, how would you prefer to do it? Would you rather acquire knowledge by means of a lot of text from textbooks and explanations of pictures or would you prefer practical training in a real helicopter? In case you find yourself in an emergency where for example an emergency landing is being carried out, you will have a significant advantage of being trained for such a situation in a real helicopter.

Next to these courses, the helicopter will also be used as part of the course Helicopter Landing Officer. This course will be exclusively given provided the approval of both NOGEPA (Helicopter Landing Officer 1.1A) and OPITO. By actively using the helicopter during these courses, you will notice that you are able to apply this knowledge in practice. This could make the difference for both you and your co-workers in a potentially hazardous situation.

Do you work offshore and are you regularly transported by means of a helicopter? Then this training suits you perfectly. Do you want to stay updated on the latest news concerning this helicopter and the data when it’s available for training? Keep an eye on the website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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