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FMTC port Rotterdam: full power ahead!

26 October 2018

In the Netherlands we provide a portfolio of safety courses from the locations Schiphol-Amsterdam and Dordrecht. The practical part of the safety courses that form part of our course portfolio, so far, take place in the port of IJmuiden. There we organize a realistic training where we use survival craft and fast rescue boats.

Link location Dordrecht and Rotterdam

With the opening of a new FMTC location at the Sluisjesdijk in the Waalhaven of Rotterdam, we are realizing a one-on-one situation for FMTC Dordrecht. The practical part of the boat training takes place in the Waalhaven, where we have access to different vessels. What the port of IJmuiden is for FMTC Schiphol, Rotterdam will become for FMTC Dordrecht.

More NOGEPA and STCW safety courses

The components we can add through the new location in Rotterdam at the FMTC Dordrecht portfolio are:

When it comes to the registration procedure for our various training courses, nothing changes. Delegates register for a training in Dordrecht. We take care of transport from FMTC to our location in the Waalhaven of Rotterdam. The participants do not have to worry about that. Not for nothing we are ‘unique in customer focus’.

Opening December 2018

As is known, we are working hard on the realization of our swimming pool in Dordrecht. Once the pool is ready, we will go through the various international approval procedures and associated audits to expand our course portfolio. Of course, we will also immediately include Rotterdam training location in the accreditation procedure. We expect to be able to provide the first boat training courses in Rotterdam in December 2018.

Would you like to receive a message as soon as we have received all necessary approvals for OPITO, STCW and NOGEPA location Dordrecht? Or would you like to know more about the new training location in the Waalhaven of Rotterdam? Call +31 (0) 20 – 811 43 32 or send an email to info@fmtcsafety.com.

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