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FMTC Safety will be open again from the 11th of May

24 April 2020

Due to the developments in recent weeks and the internal measures we have taken, we are convinced that FMTC will be able to offer her services safely at FMTC Dordrecht in the Netherlands as of 11 May, 2020. In recent days, we have been increasingly approached by loyal customers for training requests, as these critical operations need to continue safely. The need for safety training is growing and FMTC is able to help you.

Of course, despite the limitations of various measures, we ensure the quality and convenience that you are used to from us. The measures taken are as follows:

  • All course programs have been extensively reviewed and adapted;
  • The locations and walking routes have been adapted to the ‘social distancing’ guideline of 1.5m distance;
  • Groups are reduced and internal guidelines have been drawn up for each training;
  • Hygiene measures have been extended;
  • Obligation to use PPE during training (daily mask and gloves provided by FMTC for free).

All measures taken naturally comply with the applicable RIVM / WHO / government guidelines and during the training sessions we will continuously monitor possible safety risks and, where necessary, make adjustments and communicate about them.


In addition, we will start with a limited course portfolio. We can offer the courses below at FMTC Dordrecht from the 11th of May.

OPITO BOSIET with EBS (5700)
OPITO BOSIET with EBS (5700) + CA-EBS (5902)
OPITO BOSIET Digital Delivery (5703)
OPITO BOSIET Digital Delivery (5703) + CA-BES (5902)
OPITO FOET with EBS (5858)
OPITO FOET with EBS (5858) + CA-EBS (5902)
OPITO HUET with EBS (5929)
OPITO HUET with EBS (5929) + CA-EBS (5902)

NOGEPA 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety
NOGEPA 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety + 0.5C CA-EBS
NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety
NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety + 0.5C CA-EBS
NOGEPA 1.4 Gas measurement
NOGEPA 2.2A Offshore First Aid
NOGEPA 2.2B Offshore First Aid

Confined Spaces
S-cape evacuation System

GWO Basic Safety Training
GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher

GWO First Aid
GWO Sea Survival
GWO Fire Awareness
GWO Manual Handling
GWO Working at Heights

GWO First Aid Refresher
GWO Sea Survival Refresher
GWO Fire Awareness Refresher
GWO Manual Handling Refresher
GWO Working at Heights Refresher

STCW Basic Safety Training
STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher
STCW First Aid
STCW Medical Care
STCW BST / AFF / PSCRB Refresher
STCW Security Awareness
STCW Designed Security Duties
STCW Ship Security Officer

More information?

If you have special or specific questions, please contact your regular contact person within FMTC or via +31 (0)85 – 130 74 61.

We hope to see you on our location and keep safe and healthy future.

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