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FMTC certified for NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid course

13 March 2014

In case you work offshore in the Dutch continental shelf, you are obliged to follow a NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid course. It is self-evident that you wish to take this offshore first aid course at a reliable training centre. After all, you want the provided courses to be as qualitative as possible with a high value service and course content that sticks. NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid course is provided by FMTC and is officially certified by NOGEPA which means you can be absolutely sure of the fact that you are in possession of all the necessary knowledge which you need to have in order to act in an efficient manner in case an emergency occurs in practice.

NOGEPA, the organisation

NOGEPA, the Dutch Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association is an initiative of the Dutch government and companies in the sector of gaining oil and gas. However, gaining oil en gas are not the only things this organisation is occupied with. Another goal for example has everything to do with the gaining of oil and gas in an efficient, safe and above all environmental-friendly way. Regarding employee safety, NOGEPA vouches for the assessment of training institutes. Every course and training regarding safety and firefighting is thoroughly examined and evaluated by the NOGEPA, according to high governmental standards. Only when the course is found to be qualitatively good enough, it will be certified by the NOGEPA. We can state that a training or course which is NOGEPA certified can be called extremely reliable.

NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid

The NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid course, provided by FMTC

FMTC offers her course participants the opportunity to attend both the NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid course as well as the repetitive Offshore First Aid 2.2 B course which has been certified by the NOGEPA. The NOGEPA 2.2 courses which are provided by the FMTC, offer an efficient and realistic training for various emergency situations. For example, think of first aid for drowning, hypothermia, shock or bleedings. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Another segment of the course consists of teaching the course participants how to stabilize victims in case of fractions and possible back- or head trauma. Moreover, the course participants are taught how to place an injection in muscle tissue and they are shown how to prepare a victim for transport. Furthermore, it goes without saying that also the communication is of vital importance in the event of an emergency. The participants of the NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid courses are also trained for acting appropriately during emergencies and what protocol they must follow. Finally a special segment is devoted to medical administration. As you can see, FMTC offers you certified NOGEPA 2.2 Offshore First Aid and the Offshore First Aid 2.2 B refresher courses so that you have all the required knowledge for dealing with emergency real situations.

Would you like to follow one of the NOGEPA 2.2 courses or you want more information about one of these courses? Please feel free to contact us or you can directly book a NOGEPA 2.2 course.

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