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GWO Working at Height + R-Alf Training

GWO Working at Height + R-Alf Training

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The GWO Working at Heights (Global Wind Organisation) is intended for everyone working in the wind industry. During this two-day GWO Working at height course, all the risks associated with working at heights will be discussed and all necessary skills will be learned for each application so you can do the job in a safely manner. During the GWO Working at Heights course, all the theoretical and practical aspects will be discussed. For example, the delegate will learn how to secure him/herself and his/her colleagues in a threatening situation in wind turbines.

The ISC R-Alf is a combined hoist and descend system, suitable for rescue actions and activities in closed spaces. The ISC R-Alf is equipped with an “over-speed brake” and therefore locks in both directions. This way, you can safely and in a controlled manner hoist or lower a load and/or person (or yourself). If you let go of the rope or lose control, the ISC R-Alf locks immediately.

  • Timetable:2 day(s)
  • Certification:GWO Module Working At Heights
  • Validation:2 years
* excl. (€ / $ 12,50), excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

More information about GWO Working at Height + R-Alf Training

Why is it so important that people follow this GWO Working at Height Course? This is of course due to the risk level that comes with the job. By following the GWO Working at Height Course, everyone knows how to act if the situation could go wrong and we are working on a safer environment for the entire wind industry. As already mentioned, the course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, the delegate will learn everything that is relevant when working at heights and during the practical part, several rescuing techniques will be demonstrated among other things.

There is also a GWO Basic Safety Training Course in where the aspects of the GWO Working at Heights course will be discussed with the other modules: The GWO Basic Safety Training Course must be completed before the staff goes to work in the wind turbine. In addition, all modules that are done in the GWO Basic Safety Training Course can also be done separately: GWO First Aid, GWO Sea Survival, GWO Fire Awareness and GWO Manual Handling.

The ISC R-ALF hoist set with a 5:1 advantage has a higher hoist advantage and is therefore suitable for rescue actions but also for positioning yourself, such as in the case of window cleaners or for use in TPs in the wind farm industry (closed spaces).

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