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FMTC NEN & ISO 9001:2008 certified

11 July 2014

Previously you could read that FMTC is certified for various training and courses by NOGEPA, STCW and OPITO. We also informed you about all the new training objects that we added to the training center, like the practicing pool, the helicopter or the training ship. These certifications, new training objects and our unique location all have the same common purpose: To provide you with a qualitatively good and as realistic as possible training or course, so that you learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge in real situations.

International Organization for Standardization

To be able to provide our courses and training with the highest possible quality, FMTC goes beyond the above stated mandatory certifications. Since July 2014, we are certified for NEN & ISO 9001:2008.

In contrary to what many people think, you cannot be certified for these standards by ISO (International Organisation for Standardization). ISO isn’t an organization which audits companies for the developed standards. ISO is a network of institutes for setting national standards from 163 countries and international organizations, governments, industries, services and representative organizations of customers. All certification of the ISO standards is executed by external organizations that are in no way attached to ISO. For the NEN & ISO 9001:2008 standard, DNV-GL is the external organization that executed the audit for the NEN & ISO 9001:2008 at FMTC. DNV-GL is one of the leading auditing organizations worldwide and they execute audits in 5 continents around the world. The main objective of the NEN & ISO 9001:2008 standard is to ensure that an organisation provides products and services that are safe, reliable and of good quality.

NEN & ISO 9001:2008

The NEN & ISO 9001:2008 mainly focuses on the quality management system of an organization. The quality management system is in fact a type of formal documentation where it is stated how the quality of the used products, provided courses and all related processes can be guaranteed. In the quality management system the following points are described:

  • The organization structure
  • Used methods
  • Processes
  • Required resources
  • Responsibilities
  • Data management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring en continuous improvement
  • Product/service quality

As an offshore training provider, FMTC delivers a great variety of courses and training, such as industry training, offshore courses and maritime courses. Therefore, a good quality management system is essential and it is the basis of our services. Through this quality management system and the various subjects that are mentioned in the system, we guard the quality of all our operational processes and related causes. Our quality management system is based on the SHEQ method. SHEQ stands for Safety, Health, Environmental en Quality.

NEN & ISO 9001:2008

Safety & Health

Every course provided by FMTC is developed in a way that it approaches reality as close as possible. These situations are often based on (potentially) dangerous situations in the work field of our delegates. Therefore it is of great importance that the safety and health of the delegates and the employees of FMTC can be guaranteed at all time. To be able to guarantee this, several procedures are drafted in the quality management system. For instance, it is stated in the procedures how:

  • Relevant regulation and guidelines from the government and the industry are met.
  • Methods for safe working are executed and (further) developed to provide an optimal safety for both the delegates as the employees of FMTC.
  • All risks regarding the operations of the organization of FMTC are mapped, assessed and controlled.
  • Incidents are being investigated, reported and evaluated.
  • A safe and healthy work environment is provided for the employees of FMTC.


Besides the safety and health of the employees and delegates, another objective of FMTC is to minimize the impact of FMTC on the environment through corporate social responsibilities. To keep the impact of FMTC to the environment to a minimum, we drafted several procedures regarding:

  • The use of natural and environmental friendly resources.
  • The minimization of the effect on the environment.
  • The prevention of pollution and poisoning.
  • The optimization of all processes to prevent unnecessary waste.


Another reason to develop and implement a quality management system is to provide continuous quality. The biggest advantage of a quality management system lies with our customers. With the certification of FMTC for NEN & ISO 9001:2008 you can follow a course or training without having any doubt about the quality of the content or the safety of the practical exercises. By emphasizing the quality, FMTC provides that:

  • The efficiency of all processes is optimized to meet or even exceed the customer expectations.
  • The quality management system can be guaranteed according to the standards of NEN & ISO 9001:2008.
  • Complaints and non-conformities will be investigated and reported. The outcome and report will be communicated proactively to customers and other stakeholders of FMTC.

Despite that a NEN & ISO 9001:2008 certification isn’t mandatory, we choose to obtain this certification. We didn’t do this just because it optimizes our processes throughout the organization. The main reason we obtained the certification is because it contributes to a overall better quality of our courses and training and better continuous safety of our delegates and employees. With the quality management system and the certification, FMTC can assure qualitative and safe industry training, emergency response courses or offshore & maritime courses, in one of the most unique training locations of the Netherlands.

If you have any questions regarding the courses of FMTC or questions of any other nature, you can contact us via the website or by telephone via +31 (0)20 811 43 32

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