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The new training pool for various NOGEPA and OPITO offshore training

21 March 2014

FMTC specializes in providing offshore training as realistically as possible. The majority of these training procedures are aimed on offshore employees. Very specific knowledge is required for this. Many scenarios that we come across during training have something to do with sea or other forms of open water. With this reason in mind, FMTC chose to construct a training pool.

The training pool

The training pool will play an important role in the course supply of FMTC. It makes every training provided by FMTC a lot more realistic. The firm Saphire is chosen to be the supplier of the training pool. Since BOCAS and FMTC have worked together closely and by consulting BOCAS, we chose to have the pool built by Saphire. Saphire had already built the training ship as well the ‘state of the art’ Flash-over containers with afterburner for BOCAS and FMTC.

Even though the training pool will not be used with the same intensity as a public swimming pool, the same demands are preserved. For the sake of hygiene, the quality of the water is kept optimal.

training pool

OPTIO, NOGEPA and scenario training

The training pool is exceptionally suitable for giving realistic courses and offshore training. Especially the training helicopter will be used frequently in the training pool. The Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) as well as the refresher course Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) by OPITO will be given in the pool.

The offshore employees, who have to attend a training certified by NOGEPA, will also benefit from the new training pool. The NOGEPA 0.5A Offshore Safety Introduction & Emergency Response Training as well as the refresher course NOGEPA 0.5B Refresher Safety Introduction & Emergency Response Training will be given in the pool.

Next to offshore training, the training pool also offers the opportunity to attend a scenario with respect to emergency response training. You will be able to train on granting first aid medical care to a person who fell into the water.

Another scenario you will be able to train on by using the training pool is a scenario where a car accidentally got underwater. BOCAS will use the training pool and the accompanying training helicopter for this scenario in order to train the firefighters for this matter. This form of training will also be made available to external parties.

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