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OPITO Tropical Courses

Do you work in the oil and gas industry in a tropical area? Then it might be mandatory to have an OPITO Tropical Course certificate. These courses are especially designed and adjusted for working in a tropical environment. FMTC Safety is certified by OPITO. The courses always continue whenever it suits you best. Book your OPITO Tropical Course easily online.

OPITO Tropical Courses

OPITO has designed specific courses for tropical environments. The weather conditions in these parts of the world are so different that courses had to be adjusted to that. The T-BOSIET (Tropical BOSIET) course is mandatory for everyone that wants to work in the oil and gas industry in tropical environments. This certificate is valid for 4 years, after which a refresher course, the T-FOET course, needs te be done. Without the T-HUET certificate you are not allowed to enter a helicopter, which is often necessary to reach the platform you need to work on. This module is included in the T-BOSIET and T-FOET, but can also be taken separately.

What is OPITO?

OPITO is established in 1977 and stands for Offshore Petroleum Industry Training organisation. They are the counterpart of NOGEPA and have the same interests. While NOGEPA operates only in Dutch area’s, OPITO wants to have globally recognised guidelines for the oil and gas industry. This way, OPITO ensures the safety in the oil and gas industry with specific requirements and needs for training, because good medical and safety training is very important for the oil and gas industry. Employees are often self-reliant, which means they need enough medical and safety knowledge to safely do their daily work.

Besides monitoring the training standard, OPITO wants to help with innovations for the offshore and onshore oil and gas sector.

OPITO Tropical Courses at FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety offers various Tropical Courses of OPITO at their locations worldwide. These courses are all adjusted for tropical environments. You can do the T-BOSIET, T-FOET and T-HUET as basic courses. Furthermore, we offer the Travel Safely by Boat course as an addition to the basic tropical courses.

In addition, the T-BOSIET course is also available as e-learning course. During the T-BOSIET e-learning course, the delegate learns the theory at their desired location and time and does the practical exercises at one of our locations. This way you can save time and money.

Besides the OPITO Tropical Courses, FMTC Safety also offers a wide range of OPITO Basic Courses and OPITO Specialist courses.

FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety provides multiple OPITO courses. These courses always continue when it suits you best. All the instructors are certificate and have many stories from the field to share.

Do you have any questions about the OPITO Tropical Courses or do you need help with booking your course? Please, do not hesitate to contact us via +1 (985) 217 9284 or info@fmtcsafety.com.

Maybe you do not need an OPITO course. Have a look at our other maritime, GWO and industry courses instead.

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