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OPITO Specialist Courses

Sometimes you need some additional certificates besides your OPITO Basic Certificate. For example, if you have a specific task or are a member of a specific team. FMTC Safety offers many OPITO Specialist Courses for employees with a specific function. Have a look at the offer and easily book your course online.

OPITO Specialist Courses

Besides the basic courses of OPITO there are also several Specialist courses. These courses are especially designed for people working in the offshore or onshore oil or gas industry that have a specific tasks besides their normal tasks. These courses are, among others, meant for Helideck Emergency Response Team Members and Leaders, emergency response managers and teams, and people that are involved in hoisting activities. Many of these courses also have a refresher course, to extend the validity of the certificate.

What is OPITO?

OPITO is the worldwide recognised organisation that makes guidelines and standards for training and safety in the oil and gas industry. OPITO is established in 1977 and its name stands for Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation.

Besides monitoring the training standards OPITO wants to help with innovations and they identify the needs of the industry regarding training and safety for both the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry. Training is in this industry very important. Due to the risky environment and the difficult reachability for emergency services, employees on an oil or gas installation are mainly self-reliant. Having good standards and requirements for training and knowledge decreases the chance of incidents.

To be able to offer OPITO training courses a training organisation needs to be certified by OPITO for each course they want to give.

OPITO Specialist Courses at FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety is certified by OPITO and is therefore allowed to offer several OPITO courses at their training facilities. These courses are especially for personnel with a specific task or that is part of a specific team, such as the HERTL, HERTM, CRO ER, MEMIR, OIM CE, and Banksman & Slinger course. The HERTL and HERTM certificate need to be refreshed after 2 years with the HERTL-F and HERTM-F course. The OIM CE and CRO ER courses are both available as an e-learning course.

Besides these Specialist Courses, FMTC Safety also offers OPITO Basic Courses and OPITO Tropical Courses.

If you have any special requests, please contact us.

FMTC Safety

All instructors working at FMTC safety are certified to give OPITO courses. As it is very important for offshore personnel to have the right valid certificates our courses always continue, even if there is only one participant. Furthermore, you can train when it suits you best.

Contact us via +1 (985) 217 9284 or info@fmtcsafety.com if you have any questions regarding OPITO Specialist Courses or our other course offer.

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