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NOGEPA Basic Refresher courses

Is you NOGEPA Basic course certificate expiring? Then you have to do a NOGEPA Basic Refresher Course in order to extend the validity of your certificate. FMTC Safety is certified by NOGEPA to offer their refresher courses. These course always continue. You can easily book your NOGEPA Basic Refresher Course at FMTC Safety online.

What is a NOGEPA Basic Refresher Course?

A NOGEPA Basic Refresher Course is especially for people working in the offshore oil and gas industry. When the validity of your NOGEPA Basic certificate is coming to an end, you need to follow a NOGEPA Basic Refresher Course to extend the validity of your certificate. These refresher courses are especially designed to refresh knowledge and give delegates an update on new regulations and developments in the industry.

What is NOGEPA?

NOGEPA is an abbreviation for Dutch (Netherlands) Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association. They are committed to efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe extraction of oil and gas from the Dutch soil. OPITO is the international counterpart of NOGEPA.

Why has NOGEPA been created?

NOGEPA is established in 1974 for the benefit of the social context. They follow all developments in the industry regarding to sustainability, climate, and safety and they represent the interests of companies in the industry.

Every training center that want to give NOGEPA courses needs to be certified and recognised by NOGEPA. This enhances the quality of the courses and makes the industry safer. Proper medical and safety training is of great importance for people working offshore, since working in this industry can be very risky and emergency services cannot easily reach the site of an incident.

NOGEPA makes sure all training providers, among which FMTC Safety, meet the right high requirements regarding the provided courses.

For whom is NOGEPA?

NOGEPA courses are for everyone working in the offshore sector in the Dutch North Sea area. Participants will learn everything about offshore safety, first aid, and survival at sea.

NOGEPA Basic Refresher Courses at FMTC Safety

FTMC Safety offers a wide range of NOGEPA Basic Refresher Courses to refresh your NOGEPA Basic certificate. Some courses, such as the NOGEPA 0.5A and 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety courses are required for everyone, while other courses are only required for people assigned to a specific team or task on the offshore installation, such as the firefighting team, or the medic.

Besides NOGEPA Basic Refresher Courses, FMTC Safety also offers NOGEPA Basic Courses, NOGEPA Combination Courses, and NOGEPA Combination Refresher Courses.

Wondering which NOGEPA training courses you need? Have a look at all our NOGEPA Basic Refresher Courses or contact us for more information.

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