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OPITO Certification BOSIET, FOET and HUET

07 July 2015

We are proud to announce FMTC has been officially OPITO certified. FMTC is the first training centre worldwide to obtain OPITO training certification in the first attempt and without compromising quality.


OPITO is short for Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation. The Organisation sets guidelines and skills for the oil and gas industry worldwide, ensuring safety. These strict OPITO guidelines apply in all international waters.


As of now we offer three different OPITO training courses. The BOSIET is the basic training course by OPITO. The FOET is the refresher course, to be taken every four years. Furthermore, we offer a module called the HUET, short for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.



Anybody who has ever worked offshore, knows the dangers and risks involved with working at sea. That is why this safety training course is of great importance, it advises staff how to deal with an offshore emergency situation where any other rescue service is remote and unable to attend swiftly, like they would to an incident ashore.


In case you have any further questions or require more information regarding OPITO Training, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can book a place on one of our following training courses, BOSIET, FOET or HUET.

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