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STCW Combination Refresher Courses

Do you want to refresh multiple STCW certificates? With an STCW Combination Refresher Course you can kill several birds with one stone and refresh all your certificates at once. FMTC Safety is certified by STCW and courses always continue. Book your STCW Combination Refresher Course online.

STCW Combination Refresher Courses

STCW Refresher courses are especially designed to extend the validity of the STCW Basic courses. To increase efficiency special STCW Combination Refresher Courses are designed. These courses combine several refresher courses, such as the STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher and the STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher. Sometimes different courses have some overlap in the course content. By combining these courses overlap can be avoided, and courses can be completed in less time.

What is STCW?

The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) sets the global standard for courses, safety and health in the maritime industry. In 1978 they established guidelines during the international STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) convention for seafarers. These guidelines guarantee the quality of courses and ensures the safety and health of employees on board a ship. All STCW courses and training centers need to meet the guidelines of the STCW.

STCW Combination Refresher Courses at FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety is fully recognised and certificated by STCW. This means that we are allowed to offer STCW Combination Refresher Courses at our training locations.

Almost all STCW Refresher courses are offered in combination with one or more other courses. This way overlap between courses can be avoided and you will save time and money.

Besides our STCW Combination Refresher Courses, we also offer STCW Basic Courses, STCW Basic Refresher Courses, and STCW Basic Combination Courses.

FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety provides all kinds of maritime courses from STCW. Due to the importance of these courses, they always continue and there is always a spot for you. You can train whenever it suits you best.

If you have any questions regarding the STCW Combination Refresher Courses, please contact us via +1 (985) 217 9284 or info@fmtcsafety.com.

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