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GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher (ART-R)

GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher (ART-R)

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De GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher is developed by de GWO (Global Wind Organisation) as a refresher course of the GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART). The certificate of the GWO ART is valid for 2 years after which the refreshment course should be taken to extend the validity of the certificate with another 2 years.

During the GWO ART-R course delegates that need to perform advanced rescue or lead an advanced rescue operation refresh their knowledge about performing rescue operations with injured persons in a WTG with standard rescue equipment and rescue techniques exceeding those of the GWO Working at Height module.

  • Timetable:2 day(s)
  • Certification:GWO Advanced Rescue Training - HSIBR-R
    GWO Advanced Rescue Training - NTBR-R
  • Validation:2 years
  • Requirements:A valid GWO Advanced Rescue Training (HSIBR, NTBR, HSIBR-R, NTBR-R) certificate
    A valid GWO Working at Height certificate
    A valid GWO First Aid certificate
    A valid GWO Manual Handling certificate
* excl. (€ / $ 25,00), excl. VAT (If applicable) and including lunch, coffee / tea and course material

More information about GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher (ART-R)

The GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher reviews and builds on knowledge and skills gained during the GWO Advanced Rescue Training course. These skills are required to access and perform rescue operations in various areas of a wind turbine generator. During the course delegates will use standard rescue equipment, methods and techniques.

To participate in the GWO ART-R course delegates must have a valid GWO Advanced Rescue Training, GWO Working at Height, GWO First Aid, and GWO Manual Handling certificate.

Course Content GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher

The GWO ART-R Course consists of 2 modules:

  • Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue Refresher
  • Nacelle, Tower, Basement Rescue Refresher

These modules deal with:

  • Rescue strategy for various rescue scenarios
  • Evacuation strategy during a rescue operation
  • The concept of lifting angle, angle factor and deviation
  • Risks of hazardous energies and common hazards of enclosed space areas in a wind turbine when performing rescue operations
  • Rescue methods and techniques when performing ascending and descending rescue operations using a rescue stretcher or spineboard, manually operated lowering/raising rescue system for limited distance rescue, and other equipment
  • Fitting a harness and other PPE onto an injured person
  • Enclosed space to ground
  • Transformer room to nacelle
  • Basement to ground floor
  • Inside and outside evacuation
  • Rescue up for helicopter extraction

The certificates are valid for 2 years.

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