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Training with the new Biardo Lifejacket

10 February 2014

FTMC uses the best possible materials during training. For example, we use the brand new LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather. This lifejacket is already being used in every helicopter.

In September 2013, Biardo developed a new kind of life jacket, called the LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather. De development of the lifejacket took over 2 years. In comparison to existing lifejackets, this jacket has several improvements. The new lifejacket is much more comfortable than its predecessors, because of the curvatures in the lifejacket in the area of the neck. Since it contains 275N, floating becomes much easier and a lot more comfortable.

Moreover, the LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather comes with an extra bottle of compressed air, equipped with an automatic inflatable ‘contra lung’ with a content of 4 litres. The lifejacket also contains extra accessories like an improved bigger spray hood, a solas light and a whistle. The LRS001 Lifejacket is also significantly improved with respect to hygiene and health.

If you would attend a training or course of for example NOGEPA or OPITO, you would want to do this as realistic and hygienic as possible. FMTC therefore, as the first training institute of the Netherlands, uses this new type of lifejacket. Other training centres do not yet use these new lifejackets, which means you will not be optimally prepared to use the LRS001 lifejacket in case of an emergency.

Biardo Lifejacket

The former lifejackets, which are still used on many locations during trainings, are re-used every course. These ‘old’ jackets therefore, must be thoroughly cleansed, so possible diseases wouldn’t spread. A time-consuming occupation. The new LRS001 lifejacket makes this redundant. The replaceable lung will be easily replaced for a new one after each training or course. Thus you are always guaranteed of a new hygienic ‘contra lung’. So we at FMTC can occupy ourselves with what really matters, namely your training!

The LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather is an innovation with respect to comfort and safety and is nowadays being used in every helicopter.

The LRS001 is:
• Light in weight
• Easy to use
• Provided with a 275N compartment for more buoyancy
• Provided with a better and bigger spray hood
• Provided with a solas light
• Available with integrated PLB
• Replaceable lung

In short, the introduction of the LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather is an innovation concerning safety and hygiene. At FMTC you are able to attend training where this new lifejacket is being used. Thus, you will be prepared in case you have to use this in real situations.

Do you want to attend a realistic training, where you learn to cope with this new type of lifejacket? Contact us without any obligation via our contact form or call 020-811 43 32.

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