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17 March 2022

We our proud to announce that we have extended our course offer at our location in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From now on you can also book the following OPITO courses:

OPITO OERTM (4500) & OERTM-F (4550)

The OERTM course is especially designed for offshore personnel that is part of, or going to be part of, the Offshore Emergency Response Team that is active in case of emergencies. Participants acquire all the knowledge that is necessary to be able to perform the tasks of an OERTM effectively. The basic certificate is valid for 2 years. After these two years the OERTM-F refresher course needs to be done to extend the validity of the certificate.

OPITO OERTL (4600) & OERTL-F (4650)

The OERTL and OERTL-F courses are mandatory for personnel that is assigned to taking the role of Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader. All the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently perform the role of the OERTL is passed on to the participants. The OERTL certificate is valid for 2 years. After these 2 years the OERTL-F refresher course needs to be taken.

More information about our Offshore Emergency Response Team courses

Do you have questions or do you need more information about these courses? Don’t hesitate to contact us via info@fmtcsafety.com or call +31 (0) 85 – 130 74 61.

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