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New: OPITO MEMIR and NOGEPA MoME Major Emergency Management Courses

11 October 2021

Since a few months FMTC Dordrecht (Rotterdam area, the Netherlands) is accredited for the OPITO MEMIR (Major Emergency Management Initial Response) and the NOGEPA MoME (Management of Major Emergencies) courses. For these courses we have added a special Emergency Control Room to our location in Dordrecht. In this control room the delegates go through several real life scenarios, together with the instructors.


The OPITO MEMIR training is especially designed to provide training in command, control, communications and stress-related factors in the management of major emergencies. This training is for personel undertaking a training to progress to the role of an emergency response manager and individuals in charge of, or members of, an emergency management team.


The NOGEPA Management of Major Emergencies (2.14 / 2.15) training is designed for Offshore Installation Managers and key persons that are part of an Emergency Management Team. The delegates learn how to show effective leadership during a major emergency. After 4 years the certificate needs to be refreshed with a NOGEPA 2.14B training. After successfully completing the NOGEPA 2.14 course the formal assessment can be taken (NOGEPA 2.15)

Additional courses

Besides the OPITO MEMIR and the NOGEPA MoME courses, we now also offer the OPITO OIM CE (Offshore Installation Manager Controlling Emergencies) course to assess if a delegate is competent to manage an Emergency Management Team during a major incident on an offshore platform. It is especially designed for current Offshore Installation Managers, deputies or potential duty holders.

For these courses we work together with our partner Wild Geese Group. They are extremely specialised in the field of incident command in the oil and gas sector. This guarantees the best instructors and lesson materials.

Would you like more information about the courses or book one of these courses? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@fmtcsafety.com or call +31 (0) 85 130 74 61.

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