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NOGEPA 1.1 and NOGEPA 2.8 now at FMTC

08 June 2015

Since May you can attend two new courses at FMTC; NOGEPA 1.1 Helicopter Landing Officer and NOGEPA 2.8 Leader Fire-fighting.

NOGEPA 1.1 Helicopter Landing Officer

During the NOGEPA 1.1 Helicopter Landing Officer, you will exercise both theoretically as well as practically. You will practice executing all the activities concerning helicopter operations on an offshore installation under normal circumstances and emergency situations. The course participant will be taught everything from preparing the helicopter to the documentation after landing.


NOGEPA 2.8 Leader Fire-Fighting

Firefighting is an important subject on boar of an offshore installation. On every offshore installation there has to be a firefighting and rescue team. During the NOGEPA 2.8 Leader Fire-Fighting, the course participant is taught how to command a firefighting or rescue team.

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